About Us

Litehouse International, Inc. manufactures temporary weatherproof shelters created from unique folding modular designs. Founders and innovators Vince DiGregory and Dave Harrison each bring 40 years as successful entrepreneurs with extensive experience in panelized building platforms, multiple patented and commercialized solar systems, and manufacturing.

We design and manufacture flexible modular building platforms to meet the new requirements of the temporary weatherproof shelter industry. Our patent pending Lifeline POPUP Shelter™ is an 8’x8’x8’ ‘BICON Unit’ that folds down into a compact 11” flat-pack configuration for efficient stackable transport. Its lightweight design allows it to be hand-carried for easy deployment in the field, but when fully erected it is strong enough to resist up to a 140 mph hurricane force wind.

Individual modules fold up or down in less than 3 minutes with only 2 people. Removable wall panels allow for optional placement of doors and windows in the field. Self-contained latching systems require NO TOOLS or loose parts that can be lost or left behind. Its modular design allows nearly unlimited configurations of complexed units to make larger structures, and it is highly insulated for energy-efficiency in extreme environments.

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