Exceeds Use Requirements

  1. 50% energy cost savings

  2. 8’x8’x1’ stackable transport

  3. 300 – 435 lbs module weights

  4. Field strike with only 2 personnel

  5. Ability to resist 140 mph wind loads

  6. NO Tools or separate parts assembly

  7. R-5 to R-15 insulation value options

  8. Skid supports a 100 lb/sf floor load

  9. Bladder bag increases hold-down

  10. High-tech protective film options

  11. 5 year performance warranty

  12. Weatherproof components

  13. Maximized field flexibility

Exceeds Deployment Requirements

  1. Lightweight for air-drop capability

  2. Modules sized for standard containers

  3. Collapsible for efficient flat-pack stacking

  4. BICON Unit fits into a 10’ BICON container

  5. More usable square feet shipped per container

  6. Rooftop slide rails secure stacked units in shipping

  7. Convenient strap handle conveyance/tie-down system

  8. Skid optimizes field leveling & unit complexability

  9. Field hand-carry ability by only 4 – 6 personnel

  10. Bladder bag is liquid filled or weighted down

  11. Internal latching system speeds field strike

  12. 3 minute strike for fast setup & relocation

  13. Unlimited modular combinations & flow

Product Platform Technology

  1. Lower initial & operating costs

  2. Folding flat-pack transportability

  3. Lightweight hand-carry deployment

  4. NO TOOLS required 3 minute setup

  5. Optional leveling & hold-down system

  6. Engineered Cat-5 hurricane resistance

  7. High energy-efficient performance value

  8. Relocatable door/window assemblies

  9. Unlimited module complexing ability

  10. Long 5 year life-cycle performance

  11. Field removable wall panel system

  12. Choice of specifications flexibility

  13. Fabric or rigid panel options

Product Detail

LPS is sold as a basic 9m2/55sf ‘BICON Unit’ that when attached together complete a fully enclosed 7.25’x15.75’ ‘Single Unit’ structure.

Three different ‘Model Types’ are available with either 40mm or 50mm panel thicknesses. We have an engineered and verified 140mph wind load design tolerance that can be achieved based on a choice of optional component assemblies.

Our LPS PLATFORM DESIGN provides for maximized flexibility in components choice and manufacturing processes.

Model Types include:

  1. Fabric over Rigid Snap Frame (90 mph wind load design) - with optional insulated layer

  1. Rigid Panel (140 mph wind load design) – with insulated or non-insulated core

  1. Protected Rigid Panel – with optional high-tech films integrated into panels that provide graphics and/or Radar, EMI, RFI and thermal protections and control

Unique and Novel Integrated Components

Geometric Folding Pattern; a chosen dimension for the desired floor panel width determines all other dimensions for panels and overall size of the assembled module. Folding ability of the structure is not affected by choice of panel thickness. Overall finished module size is limited only by minimum clearances for doors and windows, total module weight, or deployment ability.

SnapFrame™ Panel Component Flexibility; panel assemblies include choice of fabrics or rigid components, and can be made from various combinations of skins, cores and insulation to provide any specification desired.

Standardized Grid Layout Plan; horizontal dimension grids are utilized for removable panel locations, establishing guaranteed alignment of potential wall or door openings when multiple modules are attached together.

Removable Wall Panel System; removal allows optional in-the-field locations for doors, windows or clear openings between attached units.

FlexFrame™ Door Assembly; snap-on door and window frames attach into any removable wall panel opening without the use of tools or separate fasteners, allowing in-the-field adjustability of door and window locations, ability and the to change the door assembly to any swing configuration required.

Strap Handle Conveyance and Tie-Down System; conveyance loop handles with adjustable strapping secures the folded panels into a flat-pack shipping configuration, and alternately provides secure structural tie-down to ground stakes or the separate Foundation Skid Module.

Foundation Skid Module with Optional Bladder Bag Hold-Down System; the optional Foundation Skid module provides increased floor and wind load capacities, and enhances complexing and leveling ability. The bladder bag can be filled with water or simply weighted down with sandbags, rocks, dirt, etc.

Product Details

No other competitive shelter product on the market today provides one compact flexible package that includes all of the following options or capabilities. LHI creates value by applying our propriety patent pending technology to fully meet and exceed these requirements, and by embodying all of these options into our modular building platforms.