US Military Application

Today’s military must respond to tactical situations that require quicker, faster, and smaller reaction teams, as well as provide disaster relief assistance through theDepartment of Homeland Security and FEMA. The requirements for lightweight weatherproof shelters have altered drastically, rendering the current tent, trailer and container type structure solutions inefficient and nearly obsolete.

Today these shelters must be; modular, highly energy-efficient, lightweight, easily and quickly assembled and stricken without any tools or loose parts, comply with packaging regulations, withstand harsh environments, and have the ability to be modified to perform to any visual, IR, EMI, RFI, or radar signature scheme appropriate to user interest. LHI creates value by applying our propriety and patent pending technology to fully meet and often exceed these needs embodying them into our Lifeline POPUP Shelter™  Building Platforms.

Our temporary shelters meet the operational and energy-efficient weatherproof structure requirements of the changing and expanded mission scope of the US military market.

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BICON UNIT: Flat-Pack Configuration

Can withstand harsh environments, and has the ability to be modified to perform to any visual, insulative, or specification scheme appropriate to user need.